Dream Art Spark

Starting with the full moon on Monday, September 28th, 2015, a one month creative journey using dreams as prompts/inspiration for creative work (art, writing, music or whatever you want!).

You will receive daily emails with suggestions (NO assignments, NO deadlines) on how to use dreams as material for your art or writing, as well as membership in an optional private Facebook group where you can choose if you wish to share what you have created. (Membership in Facebook or the group is NOT required in order to take the class).

Create a dream journal recording your dreams. Don’t ever dream? You might find that once you write them down that you dream more than you think. But you may choose instead to work with daydreams, a “dream/vision” you want to consciously bring into your life, or just your imagination!

You will gain a greater appreciation of dreams and the creative material they offer you, and a connection to your creative spirit!

What this is NOT: this is NOT therapy. This class is NOT recommended for anyone who frequently experiences dreams that they feel very uncomfortable with or with other serious issues, and it does not provide psychological healing around emotional or mental illness. If you are in this situation, please consult a professional with expertise in the issue.

This is NOT a class in deep dream work such as dream incubation (now to create dreams on certain themes), lucid dreaming (becoming aware of your dreams while you are dreaming), shamanic journeying (deep meditation to connect with animal guides or other helpers).

It is basically a class in art, writing and other media of your choice using dreams as the prompts/inspiration.

About me: I am a self-published poet, and also like to play with intuitive collage art, acrylic paint, art journals, and air dry clay. I am a SoulCollage(r) facilitator and since 2012 have conducted workshops in this intuitive collage art. From 2009 to 2011 I led a monthly creativity circle in my area. I believe that by accessing our creative energy we can help to bring healing to Mother Earth and ourselves.

To sign up: contact Laurie Pollack at webpoet1@aol.com

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