Honoring your Inner Healer

This is an individual practice inspired by SoulCollage(r) (an intuitive collage art).

For those dealing with chronic illness and other health conditions, it can be a challenge to think of yourself as well and whole. After all you may be undergoing treatment, frequently seeing doctors or taking medication. All of the above remind you of the label of “something being wrong with you”.

This practice is to honor the inner healer and remind ourself of the many parts of yourself that are whole, well, okay, intact and as the Creator/Goddess/Source/Spirit (however you may define it) intended.

It may be done in any media (writing, art, collage, etc.) that you choose to work with and can be as involved, or as simple and quick, as you wish.

First, decide what creative medium you are going to work with. Gather your tools.

Lay your tools out and be aware of them. Be aware of the fact they are healing tools and send your love to them.

Next, visualize or imagine what your inner healer would be like. That part of you that is whole and well and is connected to the Love of the Creator.

Start your creative work and depict what this inner healer would be. Use your imagination and intuition and do not judge. If the color orange pops into your head, don’t resist it. If a pink bunny rabbit pops into your head, accept that this is the form your inner healer wants to take at the moment.

When your work feels complete, send your love to what you have created.

Place your inner healer creation where you can interact with it frequently and it can remind you that you are:





and as the Creator intended you to be.

It can be especially helpful to deal with your inner healer art when you are dealing with a lot of doctors or other people who are viewing you as having “something wrong with you”.

(NOTE: this is not intended be a substitute for any medical treatment or to physically treat/heal/cure any illness or condition but is a tool for feeling emotionally whole. )

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